Beach Stone - Moonstones - Sterling Silver and Copper - Barbed Wire - Hoop Earrings


Hand forged, drilled, soldered and hammered....One of a kind.

Simple modernist hoop earrings with barbed wire inspired elements to help float those beach stones in the middle of the riveted bars. Hand formed and hammered sterling hoops.

Sterling Silver
Beach Stones - Moonstones

Each sterling silver wire is hand formed and hammered.
Each sterling silver ear wire on these earrings has been soldered for strength and stability. 
Hand forged sterling hoops with riveted bars soldered in place. Hand formed barbed wire copper elements.  
I hand drilled beach stones that I rock hounded near the Central Coast of California. 
I added a patina to highlight the textures of the hammered metal.
Ear wires: 20 gauge - a touch over 1 inch in length
Total length: 1 3/4 inches in length-from top of ear wire to the bottom end of the hoop. Hoops. Just a touch under 1 inch in diameter. 
Weight per earring. 0.1 1/2 of an ounce. Total weight of both earrings: 0.3 of an ounce.

I do my best to take accurate color pictures. Please keep in mind that colors will vary slightly from monitor to monitor.

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